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  • Facial Tissue - Pulp PaperFacial Tissue - Pulp PaperApril 25, 2017There are various paper napkins for home, outside use including toilet paper roll, extractable toilet paper, boxed paper, pocket paper, paper handkerchiefs, napkins, towels, kitchen paper towels.The n...view
  • Toilet Paper - Recycled PaperToilet Paper - Recycled PaperApril 25, 2017Recycled paper refers to the paper which use waste paper as raw materials and shaped through a variety of complex processes like broke, remove color and high-tech means of refining. 80% of its raw mat...view
  • Napkin - Pulp PaperNapkin - Pulp PaperApril 25, 2017Handkerchief napkin is a new type of cleaning paper to take the place of the traditional handkerchief. Handkerchief napkin is made of soft paper, whose main ingredient is wood pulp, and it is common i...view
  • 2014 World Tissue Asia Exhibition Achieved a Complete Success2014 World Tissue Asia Exhibition Achieved a Complete SuccessMarch 16, 2017Tissue World Asia 2014, jointly organized by UBM and the China Paper Association Professional Tissue Committee, was successfully held at Shanghai International Exhibition Center from November 11 to 13...view
  • Roll Paper - Pulp PaperRoll Paper - Pulp PaperApril 25, 2017Roll paper is one of the indispensable paper mainly for people to use in daily life. The raw materials of toilet paper are often wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp and so on. Roll paper is characteriz...view
  • Facial Tissue - Recycled PaperFacial Tissue - Recycled PaperApril 25, 2017The safety of recycled facial tissue may be a key point for the user's concern. Mainly used for hand, face and other cleaning, recycled facial tissue requiring the features of soft and not broken, abs...view
  • White Living Tissue are Facing Five PressuresWhite Living Tissue are Facing Five PressuresMarch 16, 2017People can’t be nice all the time and neither can the flower be red for over hundred days. Make a plan as early as to avoid empty at lost.After 10 years of gold development, the market are now enduri...view
  • Kitchen Towel - Recycled PaperKitchen Towel - Recycled PaperApril 25, 2017Perhaps many people will worry about the safety of recycled paper, especially for kitchen paper. However, this worry is superfluous. According to experts, the cost of living paper processing is much h...view