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Toilet Paper - Recycled Paper

Toilet paper is closely related to people's lives. In terms of life necessities, if we take action to use environmentally friendly renewable products from a person, a family, a unit, to a city or even the whole China, we will save a whole forest. During the recycled paper, the most commonly used is toilet paper. As toilet paper, recycled paper will not cause the toilet blockage for it can rot with water and it can protect the environment. At the same time, recycled paper manufacturing process is more complex than that of pulp paper. Currently, the paper process technology has been greatly improved. There is no security risks as it will not affect the quality of the paper and it will also not affect the user's using experience. In addition, a significant feature of recycled paper is the low price which is a good choice for home living.

The advantages of using recycled toilet paper are:
1. Protect the environment, save resources and reduce pollution.
According to the information provided by paper experts and environmental experts: a ton of waste paper can produce good quality recycled paper 850 kilograms, saving 3 cubic meters of wood (equivalent to 26 trees at the ages of 3 to 4 years ), chemical raw materials 300 kg, coal 1.2 tons, 600 degrees of electricity and can also reduce a lot of waste.
2. Conducive to promoting the circular economy.
In accordance with the ecological laws, circular economy is to overall design the production, transportation, consumption and waste disposal to achieve the reduction of resources and resource of waste by using high-tech means. Change the end of one-way operation mode of the resource production and waste consumption becomes secondary resources.
3. Conducive to shaping the city spirit with the characteristics of the times.
Governments take the lead position to use renewable resources to promote the concept of social consumption and promote resource awareness, environmental awareness in the whole society to cultivate recycled paper market. We will take practical action to meet the 2010 World Expo held in Shanghai.

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