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Roll Paper - Recycled Paper

The color of the recycled roll paper may be dark, but the experts believe that compared with the good appearance paper on the current market, recycled paper has relatively poor toughness, feeling and color, but it is completely qualified as a general paper tissue used in daily life. In fact, the paper is not the more white the better. As the brightness of recycled paper has been adjusted, it do not use bleach ingredients and other phosphor, so the recycled paper does not contain any sensitized, carcinogenic substances or color raw materials which both reduce costs and avoid pollution.

Poor quality paper towels contains a variety of fungi, E. coli, tuberculosis, etc., that are easily to lead to enteritis, typhoid, dysentery and other diseases; the whitening powder and bleach on paper can enter the human respiratory tract and cause infection. Talcum powder is minerals with which people will suffer from gallbladder, kidney stones. If use industrial talcum powder, which also contains lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, it is easy to damage the human nervous system, blood system and even affect children's intelligence development. If the paper contains chlorine bleach, it may even produce dioxin and other carcinogenic substances. The unqualified problems of living paper are mainly microbial indicators failed, poor water absorption, poor softness, marking failure, lack of weight, etc., Besides, some people may add fluorescent brighteners in the paper towel. These low grade products mainly flow into the wholesale market, small restaurants and some small stores.

Two-step identification method for identifying the healthy paper roll: the paper has loose appearance, uneven texture and even irregular holes (usually undergoing embossing for deceiving people); the paper feel rough or too creamy (add talc); the color of the paper is too white or there are stains. There are dust fall off when tear it. The packaging is rough or origin is unknown.

There are a number of small brands of tissue paper in the market, which marked raw materials for 100% wood pulp on the packaging. In fact it only contains about 30% of the pulp with recycled pulp mixed. It is not the consumer’s choice for health concern as its quality need to be improved. Compared to this low-quality paper towels, our recycled roll paper use renewable raw materials, but the quality is much better than these products.

In addition to raw materials, the physical and chemical indicators are the important second step to be concerned about. Many consumers buy roll paper blindly pursuit for the big brand, delicate, white, fragrance and others. To meet the consumer’s needs, some manufacturers use or add industrial raw materials excessively so that the roll paper can have the characteristics that should not have. Our recycled paper is well produced and will never have this problem.
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