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Napkin - Recycled Paper

For the paper process, the embossing technology used in surface mainly in order to improve the overall paper feel and thickness, and the multi-layer paper will not be separated so as to use easily. And embossing technology will lose part of the tensile strength. So it is generally according to paper use to choose embossed or not. In terms of the toughness of the paper, the strength of the environmentally friendly recycled paper is high in the longitudinal direction(perpendicular to the wrinkling direction) to improve the comfort.

Commonly used detection methods for identifying the authenticity of napkins:
Method 1: To look at the health standard on the opposite side of packaging or look at the label. And now the state regulated that toilet paper must be marked "toilet paper", while almost all manufacturers marked very small, so you should look carefully. You can refer to the health standard number if there are no mark.

Method 2: Low-grade napkin will immediately become slag soaking in water, while the pulp napkin is still forming after water. The napkin quality is unqualified with dregs, it is likely to be produced by waste paper. According to the quality inspection departments, low-grade napkins contains a variety of fungi, E. coli, tuberculosis, hepatitis virus and son on which are easily to lead to enteritis, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis and other diseases. In addition to these bacteria which will cause harm to the human body. The producers will add bleach in the production process, which contains carcinogenic chemicals. For example, there are heavy metal cadmium in fluorescent whitening agent which will damage the blood system and damage memory. Experts advise that do not use poor quality napkins dregs, you’d better take handkerchiefs, paper towels or cleaning the mouth after eating outside. When buying napkins, you should choose the products from regular manufacturers and buy soft paper towels without impurities and smell.
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