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Kitchen Towel - Recycled Paper

Perhaps many people will worry about the safety of recycled paper, especially for kitchen paper. However, this worry is superfluous. According to experts, the cost of living paper processing is much higher than its value, so they are not used internationally, not to mention that this technology is not very mature in our country. Therefore, the recycled paper is not rough goods made from waste material. And there will be no living waste paper. City’s waste paper is various, and the manufacturers recycled them and divide into many categories, then they are made into different texture of recycled paper with different types of waste paper as raw materials. Among them, the raw materials used to produce recycled copy paper is office paper, offset books, binding paper and other types of paper which are relatively good urban waste paper. The high technology production process are complexity that contains screened, dust, filtration, purification and others more than 10 steps. The recycled kitchen towel without bleach has also been decontaminated, slag, coarse sieve, deinking, washing, paste and other multiple screening process during manufacturing and go through 120 degrees Celsius high temperature drying to ensure absolute health and safe usage.

About buying:
First, depends on the quality. Choose the thick one with strong water absorption capacity. You should also pay attention to see if there are scraps of paper, or it will be a trouble if the scraps are stained with food. Usually, choose a good brand also means to select a good quality of product.

Second, look at the packaging specifications. Box is more convenient to extract than the package, while ensuring cleaning of the kitchen paper and free from pollution. People always purchase the kitchen paper according to their own habits.
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