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Facial Tissue - Recycled Paper

The safety of recycled facial tissue may be a key point for the user's concern. Mainly used for hand, face and other cleaning, recycled facial tissue requiring the features of soft and not broken, absorbing water quickly and not broken down into pieces of scraps. As a one-time health supplies, China has a clear legal requirements and standards towards paper towel production, operation and use. In the production process, after extracting high-quality paper making fiber, it can go through the process of washing, concentration and pressure filtration to ensure clean and sanitary of raw materials. In the production process, the paper after high temperature drying will never add fluorescent agent, and through strict product quality testing procedures to ensure product safety and health.

Pay attention to the following point when buying the facial tissues:
(1) The product shall be approved by the provincial health administrative department, and the sanitary enterprise license number of the production enterprise shall be in the form of: “(province, autonomous region or abbreviation of municipality ) (issuing year) No. XXXX”.
(2) Used within the validity period.
(3) Product packaging logo specification. Minimum sales package should be marked: product name, the main raw material name, production enterprises (name, address, telephone number, zip code), the health permit number of the manufacturer (except for imported products), the name of the original country or the name of the original region (except for domestic products), date of manufacturing and expiry date (shelf life) / production lot number and date of use. Disinfection grade products should be marked "sterilization level" words. Napkins, tissue paper and other products are prohibited to mark the disinfection, sterilization, drugs, health care, dehumidification, moistening, itching, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, sperm, contraceptive, as well as anti-bacteria effect without test foundation and so on.
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