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Recycled Paper

Recycled paper refers to the paper which use waste paper as raw materials and shaped through a variety of complex processes like broke, remove color and high-tech means of refining. 80% of its raw materials are the recovery of waste paper, which is known as low energy consumption, light pollution and environmentally friendly paper. While urban waste paper are various, the manufacturers recycle them and divide them into more than 60 categories, and then made into different recycled copy paper, recycled packaging paper with different types of waste paper as raw materials. The high technology production process is complex which contains more than 10 processes, such as filter, remove dust, filtration, purification and so on. With the enhancement of environmental awareness, recycled paper products will be more and more popular among people.

Today, many manufacturers of recycled paper are constantly improving the production process in order to improve the characteristics of recycle paper wood fiber as far as possible. Recycled fiber can increase the opacity of the paper, reduce the image and improve the quality of printed materials. The use of recycled paper has become increasingly common, and the manufacturers are constantly studying in the field of product’s quality in order to get a better paper characteristics.

In addition, the energy consumption of producing recycled paper is much lower than plain paper. One ton of waste paper can produce recycled paper 850 kg with good quality, saving 3 cubic meters of wood, 100 cubic meters of water, chemical raw materials 300 kg, 1.2 Million tons of coals and 600 degrees of electricity. And recycled paper pulping process greatly reduce the environmental pollution than the average paper, which can slow down the speed of deforestation and protect the ecological environment. Although the recycled paper is recycled and produced by the origin paper pulp, it is more rough, thick with more lines, and there is more obvious friction while using. Now as technology developing, we can not tell the difference with naked eye and hand.