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Toilet Paper - Pulp Paper

Toilet paper is used in the toilet, which is generally suggested to be washed away from the toilet directly to avoid the air pollution in the bathroom. So the paper should be easy to disperse in the water with the characteristic of discretization. And it will not cause the sewer blockage. Therefore, the so-called " instant " toilet paper is not bad quality paper. Special toilet paper is not only good for our health, but also good for protecting the environment. Pulp toilet paper made from the original wood pulp requires to be very thin and very fragile. It is easily to rot with water to achieve environmental protection features.

Pay attention to the following aspects when buying toilet paper:

1. The product packaging should mark the health permit number, the name of the factory, the site and the implementation standards.
2. Look at the color of the paper. Without any additives, the color of pure wood pulp paper should be natural ivory white, and the texture is relatively uniform.
3. To see the price. The toilet paper with relatively low price generally can not contain pure wood pulp.
4. To see endurance strength. Because of the fiber length, the tension of pure wood pulp is large, and it is not easy to break with good   toughness. While there are irregular holes and powder with poor quality paper.
5. To see the results after burning. Good toilet paper was gray-like after burning.
6. The shelf life. Better napkins, tissue paper and woman's paper are marked with the implementation standards and shelf life while the majority of poor quality toilet paper is not identified.

In addition, do not buy rough and hard toilet paper, scattered bags of toilet paper without packaging and disinfection. Because the toilet paper with complete packaging are generally disinfected, and scattered packets toilet paper is not sterilized which is susceptible to be contaminated by bacteria.

We use pure origin pulp to produce raw pulp toilet paper, and ensure its health and safety after a variety of craft carefully.
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