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Roll Paper - Pulp Paper

Roll paper is one of the indispensable paper mainly for people to use in daily life. The raw materials of toilet paper are often wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp and so on. Roll paper is characterized by strong water absorption, less bacterial content (the total number of bacteria does not exceed 200 to 400 without E. coli and other pathogens) soft paper, uniform thickness, wrinkled uniform, consistent color and less impurities without holes. The small volumes of double toilet paper should have the same punching pitch. The pinhole is clear. Besides, it is neat and easy to tear.

How to identify the quality of toilet paper?
1, Some toilet paper feels thicker, such paper has low quality. Because in the case of same weight, the number of thick paper is less. Therefore, in the case of the same weight, you should choose the thick toilet paper.
2, Because the toilet paper is sold by weight, some manufacturers will add more filler during the production process. This paper is thick and hard which has a certain harm to the human body. Therefore, you should choose the toilet paper with soft texture while purchasing.
3, The whole process of toilet paper production is completed at high temperatures. If the packaging is not timely, incomplete or has improper storage, the paper will be damp or polluted. Therefore, you must choose those who are well packaged and the production date is closer.
4, Pay attention to view the industry standard (GB2500-2000) of the toilet paper issued by Ministry of Light Industry, which divide the toilet paper into small tissue paper and knife cut paper. Technical indicators are divided into A, B, C, D, E. Toilet cutting paper basically belong to the D, E grades. At the time of purchasing, please note the text on the packaging. If the implementation standard is GB2500-2000D-1, it is part of the D-level toilet paper which has good quality.
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