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Napkin - Pulp Paper

Handkerchief napkin is a new type of cleaning paper to take the place of the traditional handkerchief. Handkerchief napkin is made of soft paper, whose main ingredient is wood pulp, and it is common in our daily life. There are always patterns printed inside of the plastic packaging, so when you use the napkin paper and pull the plastic skin, the pigment will fall off. While our brand will add a layer of film inside to prevent the pigment from falling off. Compared to most of the other brands on the market, our product has relatively high quality. Because of its small size, handkerchief paper make our lives more convenient. And it can absorb water, remove the gray matter and it is easy to carry. It has become popular as daily necessities and loved by the majority of young people. The napkin paper can clean our face, hand and many other parts.

Now a new type of color handkerchief paper appeared in the market. As the name suggests, that is to print a variety of color pattern on the original white paper towel. We are accustomed to use white napkin, but it is slightly monotonous, and the color is not rich enough. Colorful napkins are sublimation of white napkins which make paper towels enter a colorful world.

With the gradual advancement of ink technology, napkin printing companies began to shift to more suitable flexographic printing water-based ink, and they also felt that the pigment-based ink is better than dye-based ink. In this context, the flexographic printing technology boarded the napkin printing stage, its main advantages are as follows:

(1) The odor is smaller, and it has good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.
(2) Reduce the phenomenon of ink feathering. Some napkins stained with drinks, the ink above will make white tablecloths or clothes dirty, which will lead to consumer complaints. The components of the flexographic printing aqueous ink contain resin and wax which are hardened after drying, and the pigment is reduced to a minimum after replacing the dye.
(3) Environmental protection: Because the waste ink (such as water-based ink, solvent-based ink) can recycle the pigment, so flexible printing water-based ink is more environmentally friendly. Because it does not produce VOC, flexographic printing water-based ink meet the environmental requirements of reducing VOC emissions.
(4) To improve the profits of enterprises: It is is very helpful to the business as it reduces the price pressure and ink inventory.
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