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Kitchen Towel - Pulp Paper

As the name suggests, kitchen towel is a special paper towel for the kitchen. It is larger and thick than the average paper towels. It is a good helper for home cleaning and food suction with better oil absorption. Kitchen towel can be bought in large supermarkets.

The advantages of kitchen paper:
1. Clean and hygienic: After a long time use, even if the rag are washed everyday, it still accumulate a large number of bacteria (can be 100 to 10 million increments). If it is continue to use, it will make the kitchen become more dirty, the hands and wiping place will have a lot of bacteria which can not be seen with naked eye, and poses threat to the health of the family members. As a one-time supplies, the kitchen towel can take the place of rag with high clean ability. It is clean, healthy and it can protect the family members from bacterial invasion effectively.

2. Easy to use: Instead of rags, kitchen dish towel can clean the kitchen more easily and effectively, while eliminating the trouble of wiping the dirty rags. It is suitable for our busy work family with convenient use, so that everyone can easily have clean kitchen! It is convenient and fast, and there is a layer of special material outside the carton package which can play the role of waterproof and anti-oil to ensure that the kitchen paper is clean and sanitary without oil pollution.

3. Widely used: Kitchen towel can be used to absorb the food moisture and oil directly while cooking. It can not only used for cooking, but also can be used in home cleaning.

The pulp kitchen towel ensures the safety of paper towels, avoids the safety problems that caused by the contact of paper towels and food. It is really a good helper for our home living.
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