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CIDPEX2015 Shenzhen Living Tissue Ended Successfully

The 22nd International living tissue Exhibition & Conference (CIDPEX2015 living tissue exhibition for baby, women and the elderly ) held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on May 27, 2015 came to an end successfully. The annual meeting was organized by the China Paper Association Professional Paper Committee, Guangdong Yu Sheng Health Products Industrial Co., Ltd., Daddy Baby Co., Ltd., Foshan City, Bao Suo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. And Bang Lida (Fujian) New Materials Co., Ltd. As the world's largest tissue and health supplies industry exhibition, the annual meeting attracted a total of 35 countries and regions, nearly 700 domestic and foreign exhibitors with more than 1,000 brands, 30,000 domestic and foreign professional audience. The exhibition area are over 80,000 square meter. The professional audience are leader, manager, purchase representatives, agents across the country, wholesalers, retailers, online retailers, the city store purchase representatives and oversea purchaser for living tissue product. Exhibitors and participants got great benefit from the exhibition.

Four brilliant exhibitions area
1. Living paper exhibition area: the major brands appeared and natural-color product attracted many people
On the annual meeting site, Shenzhen, Heng On, Vinda, East crown, Dong Shun, CD Erfu, Yi Hou Cheng and pure point of living paper production enterprises all debut. The Well-known brands like Xin xiangyin, Vinda, Jie Yun and others also appeared.

In recent years, with the rapid development of economic, people's awareness of environmental protection has been increasing, manufacturers take more and more attention on circular economy of resource utilization and how to reduce the impact on the environment during the production. In this exhibition, we saw the introduction of the natural-color paper products with the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development raised by manufacturer, including the "free forest" Paper which use the recovery of milk beverage packaging cartons as raw material products and go through the "China Environmental Protection Mark" certification of National Environmental Protection Center displayed by East crown; "Shaoneng character" bamboo fiber living tissue product which use new biological pulp technology with bamboo as raw materials displayed by Guangzhou Shaoneng natural-color paper products Co., Ltd.

2. Women and infants, the elderly health care products exhibition area: new products emerged endless with multi-activity warmed site.
Women and children, the elderly health care products attracted the audience's attention with a variety of products and gorgeous packaging. Seven-dimensional space, Wei Er, A & S, Aner music, Daddy baby, Yin Yin and other reliable brands gathered together and brought a product event for the dealer.

Many manufacturers have chosen to launch new products at this event and organized a variety of marketing activities to warm up for the product as the atmosphere of the annual meeting were relatively high. Dongshun Group exhibited its "A & S" sanitary napkins upgraded version and simultaneously launched the order preferential policies and order prizes. Guangdong Baishun also launched the Yin Yin special carbon cloth adult diapers which use the space health materials - deodorant carbon cloth created with Donghua University. As they increased research and development efforts in adult diapers products this year, they claimed that the new product can eliminate the odor of urine effectively. The audience can also scan the "Yin Yin Cojin" WeChat two-dimensional code to get trial equipment.

3. Raw and auxiliary materials exhibition: performance increased, experience-oriented.
Exhibitors of raw and auxiliary materials continue to provide solutions for manufacturers to enhance product performance. The new displayed raw materials products brought a large number of choices for the manufacturers to pursue difference and superior performance of the product.

The choice of elastic material is essential for the comfort of the diaper product, so the entire industrial company introduced Cozyflex ™ high-grade elastic material for elastic ear waist paste, waist design of baby pull pants and diaper. In addition to good stretch rate, tensile strength, recovery rate and other properties, this series of fabric can significantly improve the personal comfort and will not hurt the baby skin with touch soft. besides, this product certificated by the international environmental institution and can be fully recycled with 100% PP. What’s more, it can be incinerated completely without producing pollution.

4. Equipment exhibition area: domestic equipment innovation brought live and visual experience.
As the forefront of innovation at the annual meeting, equipment exhibition area attracted wide attention once again. Many exhibitors brought their latest equipment to the scene, and presented the new technology and new upgrade one by one to bring visual experience to audience.

The technological progress and development of domestic equipment brought big surprises to the industry. Jiangnan dryer launched domestic steel Yankee tank by using foreign advanced technology. There have been 10 Yankee cylinder put into use. The DCY40203 facial tissue processing line of De Changyu, sanitary napkins prefabricated bag packing machine of Xiamen Jia Chong, CD-2000I new high-speed automatic 30 to 120 pieces / pack wet tissue machine of Quanzhou Chuangda and other new equipment demonstrated in the annual meeting site.

Hosting services are more pragmatic

In 2015 the tissue paper meeting returned to Shenzhen again. In addition to the continuation of the hot atmosphere on 2013, the organizing committee also added a lot of bright spots in the organization and services to make the exhibitors and visitors find everything fresh and new:

1. Multiple Gifts and surprise
The organizing committee prepared multiple gifts for the audience and exhibitors on Shenzhen tissue paper annual meeting, so that everyone can harvest a copy of the surprise while harvest orders :
● Pre-registered visitors will receive a directory of the industry;
● Visitors can get free drinks by concerning about the WeChat of tissue committee. They can also get a beautiful gift by concerning about the WeChat of tissue committee and sharing the annual news to the circle of friends;
● Viewers can receive free metro tickets of Shenzhen with visiting cards;
● visitors who captured the highlights of the scene and send the photo to the WeChat public platform of tissue committee can get a prize;
● Prepared card case for all exhibitors to eliminate the trouble of collecting business cards.

2. the registration was improved to enhance the efficiency of admission
In order to facilitate the audience quickly admission, eliminating the queuing problems, the organizing committee used the WeChat registration in this exhibition for the first time to make the audience complete the registration procedures easily and enter the venue quickly. In the registration office of exhibitors and seminar audience, the organizing committee also used the method of computer network query to help them get the admission documents quickly and improved work efficiency.

3. Enjoyed the benefits of order
Nearly hundreds of living tissue, health tissue manufacturers attended and more than a thousand brands presented product live show and brought the annual order promotions. Before the start of the exhibition, the viewers had a preliminary understanding and full expectation through the issuance of visiting coupons, brochures with large-scale benefits, as well as publicity in magazines, WeChat and web sites, etc. The affordable prices and large order quantity met the satisfaction of both sides.

4. Leading brand display area showed China's product development direction
With the ever-increasing international level of tissue paper, in order to show the world the whole level of China's tissue and health supplies industry, the 2015 annual conference of the Shenzhen life paper specially set "Chinese life paper and Health products display area, including living paper, feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, adult incontinence products, wipes / non-woven products, pet health products exhibition. A total of 38 enterprises of 79 leading product displayed in form of glass showcase and pictures in Hall 1. In this form, leading enterprises focused on the display of China's domestic tissue and health supplies industry strength and high-end products, revealing the direction of product innovation in the industry; At the same time, it also created more choices for well-known enterprises to contact with domestic and foreign buyer.

5. A number of rest areas as intimate leisure Harbor
In order to create a more comfortable environment for the audience, the Organizing Committee specially set up seven rest areas in the exhibition hall, and provide free drinks and paper towels, so that the audience can rest and negotiate with others when they feel tired.

6.The first "green show" with more green environment
The problem of wasting resources of domestic exhibition has been very prominent, for the carpet and building materials  rarely recycled after one-time use. The main theme of this annual conference was "green exhibition", with green environmental protection materials, such as recyclable aluminum alloy material to replace the traditional one-time use wood materials as exhibition decoration materials to avoid a lot of garbage after the exhibition. Our exhibition Implemented the national policies of energy-saving emission reduction and reduced exhibition resources and energy consumption so as  to promote the transformation of tissue paper.

International seminar on the new upgrade
The International Symposium on Tissue Paper held in the same period of the annul meeting will be further upgraded on the basis of the previous years. This year, on the basis of the two topics of "Living Tissue" and "Hygiene Articles", the "Management and Marketing Topics" was added. The the industry leader, consulting firms, industry associations and others were invited to make presentations and discuss the development status and trends of the industry in the Symposium.

The "Tissue Paper" and "Hygiene Products" were the first to use simultaneous interpretation. All the presentations were conducted in both English and Chinese, breaking the language barrier and meeting the needs of domestic and foreign audiences, further enhancing the internationalization of the seminar. For the new "management and marketing topics", "zero distance" face to face interaction platform was built particularly for manufacturers and distributors. we invited industry leaders and leading enterprises, dealer representatives, excellent market consulting firm and brand licensing authority to deliver keynote speech around the theme of modern enterprise management, brand building, sales channels change and respond strategy. Besides, we set special guests interactive forum and urged industry veteran Mr. Fang Yu to preside the discussion of the development of life paper and health supplies industry dealers and the change of manufacturers and distributors under Internet era. The participants all harvested a lot as the discussion was close to the actual needs of enterprises.

CIDPEX Living Tissue Annual Meeting and health care products exhibition for women, baby and the elderly gradually grew stranger with the encourage and support of the industry. With the expectations of the whole industral, CIDPEX2015 Shenzhen life paper annual meeting came to an end successfully which also marked the next beginning of a new journey. To provide the world's best tissue and health supplies industry cooperation and exchange platform for the companies is the main goal of CIDPEX Tissue Annual meeting.