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2014 World Tissue Asia Exhibition Achieved a Complete Success

Tissue World Asia 2014, jointly organized by UBM and the China Paper Association Professional Tissue Committee, was successfully held at Shanghai International Exhibition Center from November 11 to 13. More than 50 overseas companies and 52 domestic companies exhibitors from 20 countries and regions attended the exhibition with the exhibition area of 6,000 m2. According to the statistics of visitor registry, a total of about 3,000 professional visitors including foreign audience of about 600 people attend the exhibition.

As a representative of emerging markets, China's rapid development of household paper industry has attracted worldwide attention. In 2013, under the downturn condition of  the cultural printing and other paper market, China's living paper industry continues to maintain a rapid growth momentum, and consumption even reached 6.036 million, annual per capita consumption of 4.4kg. The overall production technology, equipment level and product quality of the industry continue to improve, the industrial structure continue to upgrade, the product structure make further optimization, all these good developing condition make the entire industry is full of vitality. But because of new capacity growth over consumption growth, resulting in over-capacity stage, the market competition is more intense. The process of the survival of the fittest also makes more tissue enterprises want to seek new opportunities in overseas markets.

With high international and professional level, World Health Paper Asia Exhibition provides a good platform for the Chinese tissue enterprises to expand their business, develop overseas markets and introduce international advanced technology, and at the meantime built a bridge for the world to further understand the Chinese living paper market. Exhibition mainly provide a platform for enterprises to exchange ideal on the field of tissue industry, production and processing, equipment manufacturing and raw material supply and other aspect, focused on new products and new technologies of living paper and new trends, new ideas developed at home and abroad. Especially in the Chinese exhibition, the soft pumping packaging machines and color napkins processing machine offered by some exhibitors attracted many domestic and foreign professional audience. Many foreign customers show great admire toward rapid upgrade of technical level of China's domestic paper equipment, and some foreign customers also signed a device ordering contract with Chinese exhibitors on-site. Participating exhibitors have expressed their satisfaction with the organizing and on-site performance of this exhibition and hope to continue their participation in the next exhibition.

During the same period, a one-and-a-half day high-level seminar was held in the multi-functional conference room on the second floor of the Shanghai International Exhibition Center. The theme of this symposium was "Sustainable Development, Consumer and Technology: Development of Asian Tissue Industry ", and divided into two topics of advanced management and new technology. A number of experts and entrepreneurs from the industry made 16 special reports on market trends, sustainable development, latest information on technologies, processes, equipment and raw materials, all in Chinese and English. The seminar is rich and practical, attracting as many as 90 listeners at home and abroad. Jiang Manxia, secretary-general of the Tissue Committee, made a report on its status and development trend of the domestic tissue market. The paper analyzed the development of China's domestic paper industry from the aspects of product and raw material structure, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, technological progress and major competitors and showed positive attitude toward the future development trend of the industry. The audience questioned very enthusiastic after the speech, and the atmosphere was warm.

The World Tissue Paper Asia Exhibition and Seminar has further promoted the technical exchange and investment cooperation between domestic and overseas tissue enterprises, and built a business platform for enterprises to communicate, develop and achieve win-win.
2016 World Tissue Asia Exhibition is now preparing actively. The Secretariat will promptly publish the relevant information and the large number of enterprises are welcome to visit the exhibition.